Wovember, A Reflection

What I’ve Worn

I think it is safe to say that need to make more of an effort and actually ensure that I wear / use more of my finished pieces. In terms of gaps in my wardrobe, some more jumpers and cardigans could be useful. And I definitely need another pair of mittens along the lines of my Stripelets – I’ve already earmarked some yarn and a free pattern on Ravelry to address that. I’d also like some more hats – I’ve loved having a bit more choice; I have the yarn and pattern for Snawheid and a couple of others.

What I’ve Knitted

Very little in comparison to normal months. I’ve finished the Pink Elephants! socks and the Encircle hat (the Woolly Wormhead 2012 Mystery Hat). I’ve also knitted many little hats and jumpers for a never-ending stream of Korknisse. All of these used wool. Then I got seduced by silk and bamboo and ended up knitting on my Shipwreck shawl and what started out as a possible top but which got swiftly frogged and restarted as a Hemlock Ring blanket.

What I’ve Spun

Nothing. But I want to – so that counts – right? I’ve picked up a couple more pieces of fibre this month – from Ring-a-Rosie and HilltopCloud. I think I need to make more of an effort to spin regularly.

In general I think that despite good intentions this month was never going to work out as planned. The whole emergency and upheaval at the start of the month set things back from the start and it has been hard to get / keep momentum going from that point onwards. However, I think this is something I’d like to have another go at in the future – just maybe with less chaos and more forward planning. It has also become apparent that I’m easily sidetracked by whatever shiny thing I find in my stash and have the urge to cast on immediately with whichever yarn I’ve just rediscovered.

On the plus side, I have managed to reorganise all my knitting supplies this month and it means I have a better grasp of what I do have in both my yarn and fibre stash. And I’ve gotten rid of a couple of things I won’t knit with – so all to the good.


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