Wovember, Week #3

I think rather than focusing on what I’ve been knitting, spinning or wearing this week (although it has been nice to finally get home and get back to all my cosy handknits), I’ve spent the last few days actually taking stock of what I have, and how I want it organised. You only have to look at the first couple of posts on the organisation of my study to realise that I have something of a relaxed attitude to housework and tidiness.

But things like that do need to change. Thanks to my efforts over the last two days my stash – both yarn and fibre – is organised, and I’m delighted with what I’ve found. I decided when I was orgnaising it all, that I should be ruthless – if I don’t love it, it doesn’t stay. Surprisingly there was very little I wanted to remove from my stash. Just a skein of some sock yarn that I dyed as an experiment – I love the colours I managed, but I know it isn’t me, I wouldn’t knit it up and use it – and some Opal self-patterning sock. Thankfully, this yarn can go to a good cause.

The now annual p/hop event is occuring again at The Yarn Cake here in Glasgow on December 8th, and these little skeins will be going off to new homes. And that I think is a good thing. And they are both wool sock yarns so that counts too 🙂


Image from here.

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