November seems to be the month for trying things for both yourself or in the name of charity, from attempting to write 50,000 words or growing a moustache. I’ve already said that I’m trying to write one blogpost a day as part of NaBloPoMo, but I am trying one other thing this month.


Brainchild of Kate Davies and Felicity Ford. The aim is to reclaim the name ‘wool’, as there is a tendency to classify all yarn and fibre as wool. Whether they actually contain any or not.

The theme this year is Closing the Gap, and this theme is further subdivided into five woolly categories:

  1. Growing Wool
  2. Harvesting Wool
  3. Processing Wool
  4. Working with Wool
  5. Wearing Wool

Now as a keen knitter (and amateur spinner, and abject crocheter), the growing and harvesting aspects are beyond me. But I can spin, knit and wear wool this month.

So my challenges are threefold, I pledge:

  1. To only wear items that I have knitted from actual wool
  2. To only knit with actual wool
  3. To only spin wool fibre

Now I’m aware that there are some limitations. Much of what I have knitted (and have to knit or spin with) is both pure wool or wool blends – butI think since these items have actual wool content I can overlook it.

Image from here.

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