Woolfest 2013! Part 1

This was the first year I made it to Woolfest, and to be honest it was a fairly last minute decision to go. I only arranged the details a couple of weeks ago and you know what… I’m really glad I went. And I know Mum is too.

I knew it was going to be big, but it is kind of hard to imagine what to expect when you’ve never been before. It is big. It is woolly. It is extremely ¬†dangerous for your wallet.

The plan was to head over early, from Newcastle, and get there well before the 10am opening. We got there just after 9, and were expecting to be sitting in a pretty much empty car park waiting for doors to open. We stand corrected, we were in a fairly empty car park to begin with, but it filled up rapidly. And to our delight, the doors were open so we could wait indoors rather than in the car (and use the loos!).

We’d both spent some time checking out the stalls that would be available and plotted what we wished to purchase. And that seemed to work really well. There were some extremely specific things we wanted to buy and it seemed sensible to target those stalls first. So at 10am … we did…

… by 10.30-10.40ish we were talking the first load of stuff to the car as we were both heavily laden. And heavily laden and browsing just don’t work!

We went to the rare breeds parade at 11.30 and took the opportunity to relax.


We’re both really pleased with our purchases, and I’ll show what we got in another post. But first up… Sheep! Goats! Alpacas! (There were bunnies there as well, but I didn’t get any pictures of those).

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  1. I thought you had a lot of stuff already when I saw you as I was heading in! Sorry not to have bumped into you again after that.

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