Bits, Bobs and Other Oddments

Something of a final round-up post before the Festival madness begins (for me at least) on Thursday. That is when the last preparations for the event are made, and the set-up of my stand takes place.

So far, I’ve chatted a bit about the patterns and fibre I’ll be bringing, but there are lots of other goodies too!

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, or have been keeping an eye on my Ravelry group – you’ll probably have seen these sneak previews. But as a quick summary…

Handspun: I’ll have an assortment of handspun, varying in weights, yardage, colours (including gradients) and fibres. Some are single skeins (50-150g), others are multiple skein batches, (100g to 300g). These are both spindle or wheel spun. These are all hand wash only.

Mini Skeins: There a not insignificant number of mini skeins, with an approx yardage of 18-20 yds (though most should have more). These are perfect for hexipuffs and other patterns which call for many small quantities of yarn. All the yarn is 4 ply/fingering weight, and yarn types / fibre contents / colours can vary. These are all hand wash only. All mini skeins are labelled with fibre details (note that all mini skeins contain animal fibres).

Stitch Markers: Sets available as both 5 and 10 packs, and include ABCDE and 12345 / 67890 / 1234567890 labelled markers – perfect for those patterns which call for you to work between specific markers. There a small number of other sets available too.

Fibre Bags: Lots of different bags, covering a range of different fibres for carding, spinning, felting, etc. I’ll have mohair, silk (tussah and mulberry), ramie, bamboo, soybean, teeswater/gotland locks, silk hankies, angora, firestar and alpaca. All between 5-25g.

Fibre Samplers: Lots of little bits! These small samples (between 3-10g) cover a wide range of fibres and colours, and act as little opportunities to try out the wide range of fibres available. Good for small colour work project if you just need a little bit, or for needle felting.

Buttons: All hand-sewn, using 100% shetland wool and available in two sizes, and several colours. The smaller buttons come in 2 and 3 packs.

I’ll also have a very small number of felting needles.


So… two days, three sleeps to go… see you Friday!

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