Spin: HilltopCloud Handblended Club Yarn January 2013

This was one of my Christmas gifts, a 3-month subscription to the HilltopCloud Handblended Fibre club – 200g of handblended yarn delivered to your door.

This was the first month’s fibre – a scrumptious blend of Merino, Bluefaced Leicester and Cotton.

DSCN8285I opted to spin this at my usual weight, aiming for a heavy fingering / light sportweight 2 ply. And I suceeded. 514m of fresh green yarny goodness. It was this fibre which got me thinking about the fibre:yield ratio blogged about previously (see here for the original post, and the related page on yields from the Fibre & Spinning section). Now I jsut need to decide what to knit with it.


FO: Facecloths

Lots of them. Four to be exact. Despite wondering why on earth people would knit facecloths and dishcloths when I first joined Ravelry. I was converted when I ended up with a pile of cotton and no idea what to do with it. So I started knitting facecloths. I’m converted. However, some of these are now starting to show signs of wear and tear. And I was fortunate enough to snag a couple of balls of Sugar’n Cream at The Yarn Cake p/hop swap earlier in the month.

So lots more facecloths. I tend to knit them bigger than required and then sew them so they are double thickness – it makes the shower gel stay in better.