Following Your Arrow

I got a little burned out on mystery knit-a-longs last year and and decided that I wouldn’t be doing that again. However, when Ysolda announced the Follow Your Arrow MKAL  earlier this year I was intrigued. 32 different shawl combinations… this was appealing. The idea that I could have the encouragement a KAL usually provides (weekly clues mean I don’t want to get left behind!) while having more say in the finished item were the main reasons for this particular KALs appeal.

 Since I am trying to avoid excess yarn purchases I was very keen on using something from my stash. I wasn’t keen on the idea of a two colour shawl on my initial attempt at the pattern – I don’t mind multi-coloured shawls, but I like to see in advance how the colours sit together in the pattern before committing. Luckily I had two difference skeins of The Yarn Yard Moondance – 100g of a dark gray shade and 50g from the Small Skein Society’s ‘Hadfield’ colourway (pictures below – the dark gray is first, then the Hadfield). The two sat together very well, the Hadfield was a little lighter and more variegated but alternating the skeins solved any colour issues.


In week 1 I opted for the semi-circular B option to start, I liked the idea of the triangular A but I much prefer semi-circular shawls as a rule.

Week 2 saw the shawl take a jump to the side with some asymmetric short row shaping (option B once more).

Weeks 3-5 saw the lace arrive with options A, B and A. I loved the knit on editing option in week 5’s B clue but 1. I tried a few times to knit this on and failed on every attempt, and 2. When I did manage to get a bit of it done, it didn’t sit well with the rest of the shawl – so A it was!


I love the finished shape, it is perfect for coiling around the neck, the asymmetric shaping allows it to sit nicely with little risk of it falling off. I am tempted to knit another, starting with A this time but I need to have a flick through my stash to see what would work for that.