Following Your Arrow

I got a little burned out on mystery knit-a-longs last year and and decided that I wouldn’t be doing that again. However, when Ysolda announced the Follow Your Arrow MKAL  earlier this year I was intrigued. 32 different shawl combinations… this was appealing. The idea that I could have the encouragement a KAL usually provides (weekly clues mean I don’t want to get left behind!) while having more say in the finished item were the main reasons for this particular KALs appeal.

 Since I am trying to avoid excess yarn purchases I was very keen on using something from my stash. I wasn’t keen on the idea of a two colour shawl on my initial attempt at the pattern – I don’t mind multi-coloured shawls, but I like to see in advance how the colours sit together in the pattern before committing. Luckily I had two difference skeins of The Yarn Yard Moondance – 100g of a dark gray shade and 50g from the Small Skein Society’s ‘Hadfield’ colourway (pictures below – the dark gray is first, then the Hadfield). The two sat together very well, the Hadfield was a little lighter and more variegated but alternating the skeins solved any colour issues.


In week 1 I opted for the semi-circular B option to start, I liked the idea of the triangular A but I much prefer semi-circular shawls as a rule.

Week 2 saw the shawl take a jump to the side with some asymmetric short row shaping (option B once more).

Weeks 3-5 saw the lace arrive with options A, B and A. I loved the knit on editing option in week 5’s B clue but 1. I tried a few times to knit this on and failed on every attempt, and 2. When I did manage to get a bit of it done, it didn’t sit well with the rest of the shawl – so A it was!


I love the finished shape, it is perfect for coiling around the neck, the asymmetric shaping allows it to sit nicely with little risk of it falling off. I am tempted to knit another, starting with A this time but I need to have a flick through my stash to see what would work for that.

New Patterns!

As mentioned in the recent FOs post, I have two new patterns for sale – both available via Ravelry and Craftsy.


Firstly, there is Flightless. A reversible crescent shaped top-down shawl, which uses short rows to create a broad yet shallow shape. The subtle lace decoration evokes the shape and form of bird’s wings. It comes in two sizes. 



And secondly, there is the Laitis CowlA simple cabled cowl, which uses twisted stitches for emphasis—perfect for those luxurious yarns that demand to be made into something cosy. This uses less than a one skein of sock yarn. I’m planning on developing a matching pair of mittens for this one.

FOs: A Round-Up, February-May 2013

To be honest with the move and everything, there hasn’t been a vast amount of knitting. Not really a surprise. The fact that I kept packing things also complicated matters. It does tend to put a spanner in the works when you think to yourself, ‘oh I’ll do that now’ only to find that everything you need to do said thing is not only packed but distributed across twenty seemingly identical boxes. At that point it is easier just to give up and go pack something else. You’d be amazed how many times this happened, and not just with knitting stuff.


So the FOs.


Two more ‘Flightless’ – this pattern is now available for sale! Details here, and available on Ravelry and Craftsy.


I also have another pattern up for sale, the Laitis Cowl. Again available via Ravelry and Craftsy, more details here.


I also managed a couple of slightly different FOs. A couple of woven scarves. I won’t go into too many details now, but needless to say, I seem to have acquired a loom.

FO: Hemlock Ring Shawl

I loved this blanket pattern when I first saw it but figured I would get more use from a shawl. I originally tried to knit this up in Cobweb Lace – never again… some of my feather and fan sections had 35 stitches, others had 87 – there should have been 56. Just didn’t work. So it was frogged and the pattern put on the backburner.

I’d started knitting up a top in this yarn (Rowan RYC Bamboo Soft) but the drape was wrong and the distortion was already visible. Bamboo has a habit of stretching. So I figured that a pattern which was meant to be blocked and stretched would work better – hence the decision to knit a shawl. Then I remembered this pattern.


I actually finished this several days ago, I was just waiting for it to finish blocking. I’m really pleased with it. I ended up just doing a basic cast off rather than the knitted or crocheted options included with the pattern. It is just a nice size to wrap around my neck too.

For my project page, click here.

The 2012 WIPs

I’m taking stock of my knitting. I have a habit of casting lots of things on, then setting them aside when I get distracted by the next shiny thing. Last Christmas I was in a similar sort of situation and I did make an effort and try and get several things finished properly.

So this year, I’m taking a similar approach. I have – much to my surprise – only 3 wips at the moment.

wip #1 – Kimono Wrap

Started January 2011

Incredibly dull to knit, hence the delay in actually getting anywhere with it. The stitch pattern is complicated enough that you have to pay attention but completely uninteresting so you get bored rather quickly with it. According to my notes – I started in early 2011 and picked it up again in November-December 2011, and again in March 2012. One sleeve is done and the second is started. The main body needs a back and left front panel and collar. Plus all the seaming. Fingers crossed this gets finished, as I do actually like the look of the knitted fabric. The bamboo tape has a lot of drape too which will work with this pattern even if it stretches considerably.

wip #2 – Skew

Started June 2011

Got one sock finished very quickly and just never got around to getting the other one done -oops!

wip #3 – Shipwreck Shawl

Started August 8 2012

The most recent wip and the one I’m least irritated by, given that it is 1500m of laceweight with several thousand beads attached. This one is going to take time. And while I’m up to the beaded section, knitting in the beads is not particularly interesting. So this one will probably get done in little bursts over a long period of time.

Blame it on the Bamboo…

… and the Silk. Originally when I sat down and considered the options for blogging in November I had planned to ascribe to the ideas presented by the whole Wovember initiative. Then all hell broke loose and things changed. I didn’t have access to my stash or my fibre or my knitted wardrobe of finished objects. All these things put a dampener on carrying out Wovember properly.

So here I am.. playing with silk (the Shipwreck Shawl) and bamboo (for an as yet un-named and un-designed top) rather than working with wool… oops.


Image from here.


A few months ago I started knitting up the Shipwreck Shawl (a free pattern from Knitty amazingly), which was swiftly christened the Epic shawl by my mum on the basis that a) it was going to take quite a long time – given that I’m using 1500m of laceweight, and b) Shipwreck Shawl is something of a tongue-twister if you aren’t paying attention.

So far I’ve managed to complete the central lace section – with some errors but I can live with those.

Last night I started stringing beads…. and promptly dropped a few dozen on the carpet.

Beads get everywhere – did you know that?