First snowfall of the Winter started earlier this evening. We’re expecting about an inch to fall tonight (if the forecasts can be trusted) and this has been preceded by a few days of frosty weather. 

The last few years have seen a couple of rather harsh spells of very wintery weather (in 2009 and 2010) respectively. 2011 was better – if damper – but we still had snow in early December.

I tend to take pictures of the weather from our front window usually around the time of the first snowfall, normally while it is still falling.


This was 2009, snows started on December 17th and we had a white Christmas, along with subzero temperatures reaching a low of approximately -12’C. The snows continued until the end of January. 

11.26; Friday 1

And 2010, this time the snow started November 26th after some very heavy fog and freezing temperatures earlier in the month. Lowest temperature was around -15’C and there was at least one day where it didn’t get above -7’C. We got another White Christmas, and again the snows and ice continued into January. 

DEC 4 2011 [3]

And finally 2011. This was December 4th. This was a much milder – and wetter – winter and this snow didn’t stick around. We still managed -7’C at one point though. 

I’ll try and get pictures in the morning – if it lasts that long.


It is hard to believe that December has already rolled around again. It doesn’t seem like 11 months have past since the last one.

I’m looking forward to the festive season – and have pretty much finished the Christmas shopping, I have a couple more things to get but those should be easy enough to pick up (I hope).

The last few days have been cold and frosty in Glasgow, we got down to -4’C according to the computer the other night. It was certainly looking the part out there… until it rained this evening.