#30dayknitchallenge Day 15

Day 15: What was your least favorite pattern and why?

Probably the kimono wrap cardigan which I’m still working on (it has been 2 years! since I started it).

Why do I not like it? Here are my project notes from Ravelry… I think they sum it up quite well.


January 2011
Seem to have started this early in 2011, in hibernation for most of the year as I got distracted by other projects.

Nov 30, 2011
Brought out of hibernation, currently at 9.5 inches and have 10.5 balls of yarn left. Am not sure how many stitches I cast on but suspect I went for the medium size. May go for small armholes/sleeves as there is only about 8 stitches different in the size and I prefer sleeves to be relatively fitted anyway. The bamboo has a lot of slouch anyway so a smaller option may be better anyway. Have also adjusted the markers for where the sleeve holes will be for a better fit across the back.

Nov 20 2011… continued
A few updates… have remembered why this project was hibernating for so long. The stitch pattern, while easy to remember requires a bit of concentration but isn’t interesting enough to really hold your attention. But I’m determined to finish it. Decided after reaching the medium length to continue knitting an extra ball before separating for the arm holes – extending the length by a couple of inches.

Nov 30 2011… continued again
Finished up knitting the main body of the cardigan before splitting for the sleeve holes. Am currently on ball 6/14 and working on the right front.

The plan is to finish both fronts and the back, then the sleeves – that way I can just use up however much yarn is left over for the shoulders/collar. I’m wondering if it would be better to finish one front and then complete a sleeve to get an idea of how much yarn everything will take.

Currently the right front armhole section is at 3.5 inches – small size sleeve needs 8 inches – so I may be able to squeeze both fronts and back out of 3 balls. If that is the case then hopefully the sleeves will take 3 max. as well, which leaves 2 for shoulders and collar.

Nov 30, 2011… even more…
Knitted on this all day – made reasonable amount of progress. Finished right front, just over 8-ish inches for the armhole. It has used less than one ball, should be able to get quite a bit more knitting out of the remaining yarn in the ball. Next up, sleeve.

Dec 6, 2011
Sleeve was started a few days ago. Am knitting up the smallest size, which will still be quite loose. Opted to use DPNs and knit the sleeve in the round… this may not have been the best option.

Stitch pattern has numbed my brain so am working on other projects for a bit.

Mar 3 2012
Finally mustered the energy to look at this again. Knitted up 5 and a bit balls of yarn so far, 8 and bit remaining. Had previously started the sleeve in the round using DPNs. Have frogged that and am going to knit it flat and then seam it. Have stuck with the smallest sleeve size, but am also knitting it on 4.5mm needles to ensure it isn’t too big. 4” knitted up so far.

Mar 4 2012
Sleeve no.1 is done. Approx. 19-20 inches long. Seems to be a good fit, not too loose around the upper arm – even accounting for the yarn relaxing and giving a bit. One sleeve took about 1.5 balls – cannot accurately gauge as had a partial ball to start with and used part of another to finish.

Cast on sleeve no.2. Hopefully should have this finished in a day or so and then I can return to the main body of the cardigan.

Mar 5 2012
Sleeve no.2 progresses… slowly. Just have one more increase to add then it is just straight knitting until it matches the length of the first sleeve. Currently at 11 inches.

About 5 1/2 balls remaining. I’m expecting to need a bit more than 1/2 a ball to finish the sleeve, less than 1 each for the back and remaining front panel – which would mean 3 for shoulders and collar. At full width a single ball knits up a couple of inches so it should work okay in terms of size.

The sections I have knitted up look good though, one day I will finish this!

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